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Posted on: April 30, 2008 11:00 am

NFL Tournament.......One for the Ages. Be Honest.

This Tournament is exclusively for the fans who are honest and think they know what is really gonna happen. Be Honest and choose the teams you think would most likely go to the Super Bowl. The seeding was determined by myself and is based off what the team did last season and how experts think they will do next season. How they did in the draft is also a factor in determining the seeding. Do NOT go crazy if your team is seeded a little low, becuase there are ONLY 2 brackets. 32 teams is an even # so i had to come up with what i had to. I considered Divisions, how many wins they had last year, free agents and all that stuff, so don't complain.

(1) Patriots vs. (16) Raiders
(8) Rams vs. (9) Eagles
(4) Steelers vs. (13) Panthers
(5) Jaguars vs. (12) Bengals
(6) Vikings vs. (11) Bills
(3) Giants vs. (14) Ravens
(7) Broncos vs. (10) Lions
(2) Chargers vs. (15) 49ers

(1) Colts vs. (16) Dolphins
(8) Titans vs. (9) Redskins
(4) Seahawks vs. (13) Chiefs
(5) Buccaneers vs. (12) Bears
(6) Packers vs. (11) Texans
(3) Saints vs. (14) Falcons
(7) Browns vs. (10) Cardinals
(2) Cowboys vs. (15) Jets

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