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Posted on: April 17, 2008 1:48 am

Western Conference Predictions..............

1. Lakers
2. Hornets
3. Spurs
4. Jazz
5. Rockets
6. Suns
7. Mavericks
8. Nuggets

8. Nuggets vs. 1. Lakers- The Lakers should completley tear apart the Denver Nuggets who in return, get two stars with real star power and cannot turn it into anything but a mediocre playoff appearance. With Kobe Bryant alone I think the Lakers can sweep the Nuggets. The Lakers with Andrew Bynum, Kobe, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol and my boy Ronny Turiaf, the Lakers will spread out the Nuggets, and will feed the down low post until the Nuggets stop it and then they will ride the horse of Kobe.
                                                                       Lakers in 5.

5. Rockets vs. 4. Jazz- With home court advantage a REAL advantage for the Jazz and the sea of purple, i don't see the Rockets getting out of the first round agian. This evidence of the Jazz having a great record at home should result in the Jazz winning the series. Carlos Boozer, D Will, and AK47 should finish off the Rockets without Yao Ming. The Rockets are a good team, however, the fight of TMac getting out of the 1st round will keep on haunting him because The home court advantage should pull them through. Series same as last year. Nothing has changed but the dates on the calendars.
                                                                           Jazz in 7.

6. Suns vs. 3. Spurs- This heated rivalry started by Robert Horry vs. Steve Nash should continue to the 2008 season. This classic series should be a test of mental toughness and mental strength. The Spurs will try to wear down the likes of the Suns. Shaq will be a difference maker for the Suns if they have a chance of winning the series. I think this series is the most intriguing. Both teams are equally match and know both of themselves very well. Great series with potential of early conference championship written all over it.
                                                                           Suns in 6.

7. Mavericks vs. 2. Hornets- Trying not to be a homer and give my full fledged opinion, i believe the Hornets are a much better team. Coming off their 67 win season and a loss in the 1st round, the Mavericks are back in the playoffs. Dirk Nowitzki is gonna have to pass the ball to Josh Howard and Jason Kidd is gonna have to have an outstanding series if the Mavs have any shot. MVP candidate CP3 is just too good for the Mavs backcourt and get get to the basket. Chris Paul is an outstanding competitor and don't plan on betting on them to lose the series.
                                                                            Hornets in 6.

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